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Pull A Trailer Behind Your Fifth Wheel!

Pull A Trailer Behind Your Fifth Wheel!

M B D Fab, LLC Builds and Installs Trailer Hitch Receivers for 5th Wheel Trailers

Now you can tow that car, boat, jet ski, bike rack, Jeep, golf cart, ATV, motorcycle and more!

We Will Come To You!

  • Most installations can be completed in one day
  • The entire hitch is bolted, not welded, onto your trailer, for easy removal
  • Available in four towing capacities to accommodate what you intend to tow: 1,500, 2,500, 3,500 and 5,000 lbs.*

*The frame construction of your 5th wheel trailer affects its towing capability. Not all 5th wheel trailers can tow all items.

Almost, but not all, 5th wheel trailers can be fitted with hitches on the rear. M B D Fab personnel will need to examine your trailer to see if it can be fitted with the hitch that you need.

As all of our hitches are custom built, M B D Fab personnel will need to visit with you and examine your trailer to determine the proper dimensions and where the hitch will be placed. We will then return in one or two days with the completed hitch ready for installation.

In some cases, mounting brackets will need to be welded to the frame of your trailer so that the hitch can be bolted on. These brackets are also custom made to fit your trailer.

M B D Fab does not do electrical work on your trailer. You will need to contact an RV dealer or repair shop to have them wire the trailer for your particular needs. Please see a list of RV dealers and repair shops in the area that M B D Fab serves.

M B D Fab can also install a hitch on your non-5th wheel trailer that will enable you to carry a bike rack or other device that fits into a 2 inch receiver. The weight that you can carry on these non-5th wheel trailer hitches will be quite limited. Usually 100 pounds or less.

M B D Fab can install a hitch on your trailer that has two (or more) receivers if that is what you require.